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NZ Invention wins ‘Product of the Year’ Award in USA

6 November 2013

Nexus Developments of Wellington is a fine example of a small New Zealand company targeting niche export markets and has just received a ‘Product of the Year’ award for its unique ‘FlagTrax’ flag installation system at a major trade expo in Orlando, Florida.

Foundered by Peter Hume in 1997, Nexus Developments traded as ‘Flagmakers’, New Zealand’s largest flag company until 2011 when the Flagmakers division was sold as a separate entity. Since then, Nexus has continued to operate as a specialist product design and development company focusing on the international flag industry, and with industrial designer John Woollett, has developed a number of innovative products, including FlagTrax.

FlagTrax is designed primarily for raising and lowering ‘street flags’, described by Nexus’s Sales and Marketing Director Chris Souness as, “The flags you see flying from lampposts throughout New Zealand. They have been popular for many years, and provide colour, movement, and a festive air to main streets and arterial routes, welcoming both pedestrians and motorists”.

“The only problem is street flags are difficult and expensive to raise and lower. This operation requires special ‘bucket’ trucks, trained technicians and costly traffic management plans often involving street closures and late night operations”.

FlagTrax solves these problems. It is a track system incorporating Nexus’s patented ‘PushPull’ technology that enables street flags to be raised and lowered in seconds from the safety of ground level. It can reduce costs by as much as 90%, and provides a greater choice and versatility to street flag users and can even increase street flag life.

In addition to the US, Nexus is introducing FlagTrax to other countries and continues to expand its range of products. These utilize variations of its ‘PushPull’ technology, with some incorporating LED lighting that can also be installed from ground level. The result is a true ‘24/7’ flag and lighting display, providing both decoration and illumination – and it’s a breeze to use.

Keep an eye out for Nexus’s products in your main streets, with the knowledge that in the near future the kiwi designed FlagTrax will be adding a flutter and sparkle to towns and cities throughout North America and beyond.   


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Chris Souness, Sales and Marketing Director
Nexus Developments Limited
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NZ Invention wins 'Product of the Year' Award in USA

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